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Add Deal Community Guidelines: Commenting Dos and Don’ts

Our main aim has always been and always will be saving our customers money.. the first part of this is of course getting involved within our online community.  We love you all commenting on our posts, however we need to establish some ground rules.. 

We like to thank all of the users  who comments, links and all the different content published on our community pages.  However we need to make sure that the content we are publishing is both helpful and not in anyway found offensive by any of our other community members - we are a friendly bunch and our community pages will reflect this.  

We hope the list of Dos and Don’t shown below will help you all to be able to comment on our posts.  

Do: Focus on the conversation and the matter at hand by providing intelligent and sophisticated responses to help give the author ideas and thoughts for consideration. 

Don’t: Use profane language or make racist, sexist, or defamatory remarks against any of the other users responding to the post.  Lets keep it friendly and intelligent. 

Do: Speak from personal experiences and make comments based around these if you think it is relevant. 

Don’t: Link your blog, website, social media profiles or any other kind of link within the commenting section if it is not relevant.  

Do: Help us maintain a SPAM free website as much as possible we therefore ask the members of our community to flag SPAM, comments they find offensive or material that they would consider to be irrelevant to the original post, this is known as self policing.  

Don’t: Post SPAM, it is not worth it and it will get you banned.  Often repeat offenders will find their Add Deal accounts have been suspended indefinitely. 

Do: Engage in polite conversation with other members on discussion topics that matter to you. 

Don’t: Attack fellow users/readers.  We understand not all of us agree all of the time and topics can raise heated issues - however this is no excuse for anyone within our community to lose their patience, therefore we ask all of our members to remain as professional as possible.  

What did we miss?

Have you spotted something that we have missed?  We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.  If you feel there is something that needs adding to our list of Do’s and Don’t’s then please e-mail it to us on

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